Future Lands Designs, LLC.

Future Lands Designs, LLC., offers the unique Resilient Landscape Planning and Design (RLP&D) approach to recognize the role of Natural Capital (NC) in order to plan for changing conditions as you establish goals on your property.


Natural Capital (NC) includes the interaction of all life as well as climate, weather and natural resources that affect human survival and economic activity.

How We Can Help

Future Lands┬ápersonalize services to fit your needs while communicating clearly, without using jargon. Everything Future Lands’┬áplans and design is highly accessible, easy to follow, logical and functional.


Unlike large professional planning and design firms with high overhead, Future Lands can meet most of your planning and design needs at a much more reasonable price with personalized attention. When Future Lands steps outside of professional capabilities, we do not hesitant seek the input of specialists.


Future Lands Designs serves Southern VT, Southern NH, and Western MA