About John C. Lepore

John Lepore’s deep passion to connect with Nature began at a very young age. John enjoyed exploring the woodlands near his home in central Maine and trekking through the marshes of Merrymeeting Bay along the Kennebec River. As a teenager, the journey to unfold the mysteries of Eastern philosophy began, a path that eventually lead to 40 years of active martial arts study. Little did John anticipate that these two interests in Nature would lead him down an intriguing road of discovery.


As a retired educator, John Lepore enrolled in the intensive 10-month ecological restoration masters program at the Conway School. The experience nurtured diverse strategies necessary in supporting positive adaptations to economically and ecologically vulnerable communities.


John started Future Lands, LLC in 2011. As a resilient landscape planner and design professional John endeavor practice sound ecological design. His designs combine scientific and local knowledge to assure long-lasting resilience to ongoing social, economic and ecological challenges.

I’m passionate about:

  • Vibrant diverse landscapes- places to walk, run, sit, and view
  • Healthy, interesting, food to eat, opportunity to enjoy year-round, inexpensive, part of a robust system, functional. Simple- uses local resources…mutually beneficial.

My resilient lands plans and designs include:

  •  Defining interrelationships between culture and Nature
  • Strengthening people’s sense of connection to the landscape both physically and spiritually.

Future Lands is committed to:

  • Beneficial outcomes while minimizing costs in time, resources, and efforts
  • Collaboration with partners and stakeholders through active participation
  • Utilization of the best scientific, local cultural, and historic knowledge
  • Renewal of a diminished or lost component of an ecosystem, such as a species at risk, a well connected habitat, etc.
  • Regeneration of long lasting, resilient landscapes while embracing changes over time.


Future Lands Designs, LLC., offers the unique Resilient Landscape Planning and Design (RLP&D) approach to recognize the role of Natural Capital (NC) in order to plan for changing conditions as you establish goals on your property.


Natural Capital (NC) includes the interaction of all life as well as climate, weather and natural resources that affect human survival and economic activity.