Your Home Town

Home is where the heart is. Step outside and look at your own hometown objectively. What do you like about your hometown? What do you need to do to enhance and preserve its uniqueness? Implementing Resilient Landscape Planning and Design allows a town to develop its assets while maintaining its sustainability.


To better understand how Future Land Designs can help, look at these sections:

  • Exploration: Stepping Back for a Better View
  • Engaging Supporters
  • A Closer Look at three Sample Projects

  • Building an Economy Based on Your Town’s Natural Capital (NC)
  • How My Resilient Landscape Planning & Design Approach (RLP&D) Works

Exploration: Stepping Back for a Better View

If you are seeking inspiration, take time to explore this section. Often times looking from the outside in provides a fresh perspective. Imagine you are a visitor coming into your town for the first time. What unique landscape features would appeal to you?

Each of these appealing destinations use the area’s NC to keep you engaged. People involved in town planning establish goals that:

  • A town common with engaging walks, some great views and relaxing places to sit and enjoy a cold beverage?
  • Easy to follow signs successfully directing you to the town’s historic and natural destinations?
  • A pleasant walk to a farm store offering locally produced items like cheeses, smoked meats and maple syrup?
  • An adventurous hike on a well designed, accessible trail to a high point overlooking the town?

  • Support local businesses by attracting and engaging tourists, as well as residents
  • Offer accessible, captivating aesthetics and destinations
  • Understand the importance of keeping dollars in the community

With the growing interest in local food, local farms are very attractive to visitors. This is an example of a NC asset.

Wise planners understand the connections between economic sustainability and Natural Capital. Making them work compatibly takes planning and design.

Building an Economy Based on Your Town’s

Recreation and tourism can be a community’s greatest asset. Local food production, a variety of forest products, a reliable supply of clean water, and effective ways to manage stormwater support a strong local economy.


Protecting a community’s NC is also important. How well is the town protected against extreme weather events? Are there simple measures that can shift the course of flooding and rising water tables? Natural Capital actually provides regulatory services that help maintain your community’s resilience.


Your town has its unique NC. To better understand your town’s assets, Resilient Landscape Planning & Design uses Site Analysis. Here’s an example of how tourism and recreation’s Natural Capital might be better understood.

Easy walks to sites with pleasant views and places to relax are attractive destinations to local community members and visitors. Welcoming maps and signs make these accessible to all.
The value of tourism and recreation as NC will become more clear by through Site Analysis using my RLP&D approach.

Changing conditions may require a fresh set of eyes on emerging situations. Proper utilization of NC can be useful in extreme event prevention.

Engaging Supporters

Your town has a character all of its own, so how do you retain its uniqueness while growing economically? My RLD&P approach can support your focus on conserving open space and your town’s unique character by highlighting the value of its NC, those assets providing clean air, water and resources so valuable to a town’s sustainable future and economic development.

Enabling residents to express their concerns, fears, visions and goals launches opportunities for positive change.
It is essential that residents are heard, especially when there is a conflict of option. Meeting with stakeholders using a variety of formats is essential, yet having a structured format with the backing of accurate information goes a long way toward positive engagement. All it takes to move a stakeholder forward is a listening ear and a clear presentation of positive choices based on accurate data.

Reaching a broad spectrum of town members who have a vested interest in design is critical for any public endeavor. Having support for your dream effort is essential long before voting day. Folks want an opportunity to be heard and to voice their personal interests, concerns and fears. They also want to informed voters.

How My Resilient Landscape Planning & Design Approach Works

Some of the conditions for achieving your vision seem obvious; others are less apparent. Site analysis on your town’s natural capital will reveal essential information necessary in focusing and refining your goals. My approach offers an opportunity to explore a wide range of choices typically not considered by other approaches. I evaluate system interactions and formulate strategies for a sustainable future in your town.

My Resilient Landscape Planning & Design approach looks at all property sizes, while developing designs based on sustainable principles.
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A Closer Look at Three Sample Projects

No two municipalities are the same and no two face the same challenges however, there are similarities in some important aspects:

  • Stakeholders need an opportunity to express their concerns, interests, fears and goals;
  • Open space possesses unique, vital components to a municipality’s sustainability; and
  • My RLP&D approach can inform stakeholders of opportunities and challenges.

The following three projects are examples of the unique problems faced by three different communities.


Future Lands Designs, LLC., offers the unique Resilient Landscape Planning and Design (RLP&D) approach to recognize the role of Natural Capital (NC) in order to plan for changing conditions as you establish goals on your property.


Natural Capital (NC) includes the interaction of all life as well as climate, weather and natural resources that affect human survival and economic activity.